Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet -n- salty

There are pretzel M&Ms?

Who knew?

Has anyone tried these?


Nicole said...

I actually tried these last night. They're good, but I felt that they needed a little more chocolate. I prefer a bigger chocolate to pretzel ratio than they provide. But it's still the sweet/salty taste!

lizbethsa said...

I got a free bag, courtesy of the Facebook page. and it wasn't even a coupon, it was the actual bag in a pretty cool cardboard box.

as for the m&m's themselves... enh, they're alright. i love chocolate covered pretzels because of the salty/sweet taste. but not so much here... not much of the salty taste, but rather the texture of the pretzel inside the m&m. but it's a great idea... :)

Renpup said...

I haven't tried them but will now be on a sharp lookout for them. My husband loves pretzels--I think they have the potential to be really yummy!

Anonymous said...