Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Harvard faker

Am absolutely fascinated with this Bowdoin dropout who faked his way into Harvard. Am also wondering how much of his resume (.PDF) was faked, too...while he was at Harvard, did he really get a 4.0?

This better be a book someday.


Julia C said...

He did not. He mostly got B's, and has actually been found to have gotten a D.

He was...a believable guy, though. My roommate knew him, because she transferred from Cal Tech (for real), and the transfers have gatherings every once in a while. She said she bought his story.

(The Crimson is, natch, all over this, as are all the House lists, so I know all KINDS of things about this dude now.)

Anonymous said...

No idea why he would choose McGill as a CDN university to fake?