Monday, May 03, 2010

Rocking the moon

I'm kind of fascinated with Moon Rocks. (What do the Moon Landing deniers say about these? Do they think it's odd that these combinations of substances aren't found anywhere on Earth? They probably have a tinfoil hat theory about them being made in a lab.)

The weirdest thing about this Moon Rock Wikipedia entry for me is that apparently in 2002, two NASA interns stole a 600-lb. safe of moon rocks and got two other interns to help them try and sell it. What the? And one of them supposedly had dreams of becoming an astronaut! Yeah, that's the way to go about it, dude.

I really think there should be a book on this theft, because I'd love to get inside their heads. What were they thinking?


Wayne Nix said...

Did you know there are moon trees? Several of them are at Ivy Green, Helen Keller's home, which is near me. I've seen them, but didn't realize they were moon trees.

Todd Carruth said...

A book or a movie. Can't you just see the trailer now, "Stealing The Moon" starring Ellen Page and Emile Hirsch.