Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Dave's Killer Bread

I think you can only get it in Oregon, Washington, Alaska and maybe Idaho (that's right, you da ho), but Dave's Killer Bread is awesome if you can find it. Healthy, delicious, packed with seeds, and with a great backstory.

Dave Dahl (NOT the Minnesota weatherman) was in and out of jail, and eventually joined his family's organic bread company. It was not an easy transition. He and his brother and his brother's son fought constantly. According to this fascinating article in Inc., they're still not quite reconciled. But he wanted to make seed-packed organic bread, even if it meant charging $5 a loaf (it's PACKED with pricey seeds, and perhaps the price also adds to the cachet). The bread really took off when they added the word "Killer" to the label, included a caricature of Dave playing guitar, and included his jail story on the bag.

Story or no, jail or not, family woes notwithstanding, it is an awesome bread. Keep an eye out, or seek it out when you're here in the PNW if it's not available in your region. I'm going to toast another piece right now.

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arajane said...

I saw Dave himself walking out of the Roosevelt Whole Foods. And I know it was him because he looked exactly like the cartoon of him on the package. Exactly. It amused me. Also, this bread is pretty good.