Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weird ice creams

So Blue Moon ice cream was definitely available in Minnesota, but it wasn't a big deal. Some places had it, mostly kids ordered it because it was blue, and if you asked the ice-cream scooper what it tasted like, he or she would inevitably say "Froot Loops."

But apparently there is a simlilar ice cream that is way cooler to look at -- red, yellow and blue, the colors of Superman's costume. Superman ice cream! How did I miss out on this? My Michigan friends, you have been holding out on me.


Alexis C. said...

I had no idea Superman ice cream was just a Michigan thing! It was a staple of my childhood :)

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

We had superman at the ice cream place where I worked in suburban Chicago in HS. I was always disappointed that all those bright colors were just...vanilla with food coloring.

I only ever found blue moon in Michigan, and yep, froot loops:) still kinda like it, actually.

Kelsey said...

We actually have an ice cream that looks exactly like this at Laura Secord, where I work(it's a chocolate/ice cream chain in Canada). It's banana, strawberry and blueberry flavoured and is one of our top sellers.
The best thing is when we make a milkshake out of it and it turns a turgid gray - when customers complain we tell them about colour mixing.

Jolie said...

Superman Ice cream was the best when I was a kid! It is pretty much the only thing I miss about living in Michigan. I had some when I went back for my sister's wedding a few years ago but it just wasn't the same as I remembered - as an adult, it tasted oddly like pistachio ice cream.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Michigan and my brother ate nothing but Superman ice cream for most of his childhood. I never liked it very much; it was too sherbert-y and yes, tasted like Froot Loops or something that was unflavored, just pure sugar. Not what I was looking for in ice cream.
But those three colors alone made life-long fans of boys.