Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh hooray, more from Todd "Whizzer" Wilkins

I confess, I already devoured "Sweet Valley Confidential," the book taking up what happened to Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield 10 years after the books ended.
Parts of it were juicy catnip for old fans, and other parts were zzzz skip-past-this boring.

I'm thrilled that the great SVH blog The Dairi Burger is recapping the book. Check it out!

Excerpt: "Robin Wilson. Robin, Robin, Robin. Never able to escape her food issues. Well, don’t worry folks, she only gained back “a little of the weight” she lost. And, apparently, will always be a fatty because she became a caterer so she can always be around food. Wasn’t Robin a science wiz? And a champion diver? None of that mattered?"

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