Sunday, July 31, 2011

Complicated crayons

Check out this cool chart, showing how Crayola crayon names have changed over the years. From blue to denim. purple to vivid violet. Those dramatic names will just seem normal to my Kelly.


cmcl said...

Somewhat telling that they pretend "Indian Red" never existed, though I remember it well.

scotlandprincess said...

That's a good little vocabulary / information builder. "Thistles" are purple, so are "plums" etc.

Sam said...

CMCL - Crayola, at least, fully acknowledges "Indian Red" on their web site and provide the following information: "Indian Red is renamed Chestnut in 1999 in response to educators who felt some children wrongly perceived the crayon color was intended to represent the skin color of Native Americans. The name originated from a reddish-brown pigment found near India commonly used in fine artist oil paint."