Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sayonara, Shinders

When I think about moving back to the Twin Cities, I remember that a lot of the things I really loved there are gone.

People, yes, but even things like long-gone stores make me sad. St. Paul Book and Stationery, I'd love to shop you again. (who remembers the jingle? "A cent-u-ry of priiiiiide!") And I really mourn Shinders, the great local magazine chain that had everything...specialty mags, international newspapers, baseball cards, weird candy, comic books, a porn room that I always saw that one weird guy from my work had it all.

The family running it passed it down to a relative who messed it up and lost it. And now they are auctioning off the final remains. So, so sad.

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Anonymous said...

Shinder's died?! That makes me very sad. I only spent short time in Minneapolis (I did a production of Carousel with the Minnesota Opera some years ago), but I spent much time (and money) buying magazines at Shinder's. It was a great place.