Monday, September 05, 2011


When I read that Susan Fromberg Schaeffer had died, I instantly flashed back to the brown cover of a paperback that I'm sure my mom still has in her bedroom. Fromberg Schaeffer wrote "Anya" in 1974 and I'm pretty sure we have an early edition. It's the story of a Jewish woman living in Poland when World War II breaks out, and her struggle to survive and keep her daughter alive.

Now that I read some of the Amazon reviews, it seems that Fromberg Schaeffer based the book on interviews with a real woman who went through the Holocaust (and who later either sued or made some kind of legal settlement with the author). Had no idea. I may have to read it again, although as with all Holocaust literature, it can be hard to handle.

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Anonymous said...

Totally loved this book in high school. I found an old paperback somewhere and devoured it. I've never found anyone else who has read it! So good!