Sunday, September 25, 2011

"A Discovery of Witches"

Here's what I'm reading now: "A Discovery of Witches."

It's starting out a little like an adult Twilight, with an Oxford researcher who's also a witch (and trying to hide it) meeting a vampire in the university library. At first she's all angry with him and wishes he were gone, but you can sense a relationship coming.

I'm not the world's biggest "Twilight" fan, though I've read them all. Still, I like the Oxford setting and the plot seems to be going somewhere, so I'm enjoying it quite a bit.


CGHill said...

By coincidence, I started on this novel last night, and so far it is to Twilight what a Porsche is to a Big Wheel.

Nilliem said...

I read this over the summer, and I pretty much agree about the adult "Twilight" aspect.

I am hoping for another soon, heh.