Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sriracha cookbook

I had no idea there was a Sriracha Cookbook! And the author has a blog, which I am totally bookmarking.

Not sure I really need the cookbook, as my own mental cookbook "put sriracha on as many dishes as possible," will probably suffice. But I'm sure tempted...

Here's an awesome interview with author Randy Clemens, who sounds like a great guy.

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The Sriracha Cookbook said...

Many thanks for the shout-out Gael. It was so much fun to put the book together and develop all the recipes. It was a little more involved than just putting Sriracha on as many dishes as possible ;-)

Example: Sriracha Cheddar Swirl Bread. C'mon now, you gotta admit that's clever. Anyway, hope you cave and finally spring for the book! It's pretty rad if I may say so myself.

- Randy Clemens -