Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Well, this will freak you right the heck out

Well, this will freak you right the heck out. And I thought our urban legend of saying 'Bloody Mary' into a darkened mirror was scary. Japan is way crazier than us.

Whatever you do, don't Google this term. Uggggh. Can't unsee that.

Japan has even more creepy urban legends. And this one, too.


BeRightBack said...

Random tidbit: Hanako in the toilet is always in the fourth stall because of the homophone linking the word "four" [shi 四] to the word "death" [shi 死] in Japanese (and Chinese).

April said...

I started reading the urban legends page, and no...can't do it. I'm home alone and it's night time. Why did I read those wikipedia articles?!