Saturday, November 05, 2011

Pumpkin marshmallows

In college, we took a journalism class called Persuasion in Writing, and as part of it had to make up a product and create ads for it. I was stumped for a product, and finally came up with flavored marshmallows, which I called Kissmallows. (My slogans were " a kiss...of cinnamon" or whatever the flavor was.)

And if I had seen these pumpkin marshmallows this Halloween, I not only would have bought them, but I'd have felt a little prouder about what I at the time thought was a stupid and desperate project idea.

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Kris said...

The really weird thing is that the default marshmallow in Australia is pink and tastes like strawberries. I'm not kidding. They don't use them for S'mores or Rice Krispie treats here; instead they're just a type of candy, hanging in the candy aisle. Giant 1-pounds bags of white Kraft marshmallows? Just don't exist here. It's like an alternate universe.