Sunday, December 04, 2011

"They blew his brains out all over the Pacific"

The real story behind the encounter that inspired the "Seinfeld" episode where George and Jerry meet Elaine's gruff writer dad, who was based on "Revolutionary Road" author Richard Yates.

Excerpt: "Richard Yates, alerted by Monica, ended up watching the "Seinfeld" episode with a few graduate students at the University of Alabama, where he had taken a job. He was 65 but seemed much older. He would be dead within two years. At the end of the show, Yates asked the others, "What’d you think?" One said, "Well, it was kind of funny, Dick." "I’d like to kill that son of a bitch!" Yates roared and left the room."

Also read the part about how scary the actor who played Yates was. He stole a butcher knife from the set!

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