Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mint Sprite

Wow. I am imagining Mint Sprite (Asia only) tasting like liquid toothpaste.


sam said...

Maybe it would taste like rootbeer? Since rootbeer tastes just like wintergreen, which is minty?

Sara said...

Go to your local Starbucks and order an Italian soda. Tell them you want Mint. (The eyebrows will go up, but they usually have mint-flavored syrup, for the chocolate-mint hot cocoa.) They'll mix up a cup of carbonated water and mint syrup for you. Have a sip. Now you know what Mint Sprite tastes like. Yum. :) Hope you like mouthwash.

Li-Jay said...

It's actually pretty tasty. I actually wished they had it in the US. It's just slightly minty, like how mint taste in mint lemonade.