Saturday, March 10, 2012

Seattle has best burger joint in nation?

This is ridiculous. Dick's Drive-In has grown on me (really disliked it when we first arrived), but no way is it the best burger joint in the U.S., topping Five Guys and In N Out. The fries are practically liquid and I don't get the fascination with tartar sauce.

Still, Esquire proclaims it the best. Dudes, it's like Ringo and drumming, it's not even the best burger joint in Seattle.


Christine said...

Five Guys and In-N-Out are very, very overrated. Whataburger is pretty good, especially for fast food. One of the best burger places I've ever been to is a crapshack in downtown Columbia, TN.

apparently I am very serious about my burgers.

Leigh said...

I can't believe THAT is the picture they chose to advertise the food. Those buns look soggy, and the fries look disgusting.

Beck's Prime has by far the best burger I've ever had. They make Five Guys taste like cardboard.

Blast from the Past said...

Hey, Gael -

As a former Seattlite, I can tell you that they are pretty proud of everything Seattle! You better watch your back or you may end up with a bumpershoot in your back! :)

I know that since they just opened a new Dick's in the north end they are even more proud of their local restaurant.

I do love In-N-Out but have never been to a Five Guys. It's all good food, though!

Anonymous said...

My two cents: the exotic meat burgers at the Korthaus on Phinney are the best in town. Total dive bar, but the burgers are fantastic. Much better than Dick's or even Red Mill Burgers.

Anonymous said...

That's just a travesty. Dicks sucks - I've given it at *least* a dozen shots, trying to see if I could *get it*, and I just don't. They taste like cheap Big Mac knockoffs.

Personally, I think the best burgers I've ever experienced (aside from those I've cooked at home) would be a tossup between In 'n Out Burger (all over CA) and Lion's Tap (in Eden Prairie, MN).