Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Voodoo Doughnuts

So we dogsat for Dan's pooch, Molly, and he thanked us with a dozen donuts from Voodoo Doughut, Portland's famed, quirky donut shop. Seriously, these are the ultimate pop-culture donuts ... check out the menu!

Sadly, we didn't get the voodoo doll one and Dan ate the maple-bacon one before he came by, but man, we had some great weird ones. The pink one had a piece of Dubble Bubble in the center and pink gum-flavored sugar. (I thought it was just pink Kool-Aid but it totally tastes like gum!) Captain My Captain has Captain Crunch, The Loop has Fruit Loops, Miami Vice is half pink and half blue like those 1980s pastels, Grape Ape has grape dust and purple sprinkles, Mango Tango has mango jam and TANG, the maple blazer was shaped like a joint, and there were many more. Thanks, Dan! (No, we didn't eat them all, but we sampled quite a few!)

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