Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh, the canvas can do miracles

Yes, even though his voice is kinda whiny, I LOVED Christopher Cross' "Sailing" when it hit big in 1980, me and about a zillion other Americans.

I never realized that he was not exactly the most photogenic singer in the world, though. I think I pictured him looking like Christopher Atkins, because "The Blue Lagoon" was also popular around then. Now I think I like him more that I know he wasn't a slicked-up Hollywood Ken doll.

Watch him here. Doesn't he look a little like John C. Reilly?


Mary-Lynn said...

If Andy on Parks & Rec put on a football jersey instead of a plaid shirt they would be the same person.

CGHill said...

I have fond memories of Christopher Cross, even of his latter-day slush like "Think of Laura." (And yes, I still have his first LP on vinyl, as God and Warner Bros. intended.)

Anonymous said...

LOVED Christopher Cross. Still do. Makes me yearn for the days when we judged musicians solely on their music and not for if they were appealing to the eye.

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

Hey Laura, where are you now? It's alright. Think I'm gonna make it.