Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rip. Off.

Oh people, are you KIDDING ME? They want to charge TWENTY DOLLARS for the little game we played with a piece of paper, a pen, fingers and our own brain cells?

Wikipedia calls it a paper fortune teller. I've heard it called MASH for Mansion-Apartment-House-Shack, and also Cootie Catcher, but this company sells it as Cahootie.

And if you are buying one, call me, because I will sell you accessories for tag, for hide and seek, and other childhood games that DO NOT NEED PURCHASED ITEMS.


NYCGirl said...

That's interesting...I played MASH and paper fortune teller...thing (I don't remember it having a particular name, though I do remember that I couldn't do the last step to get it to be the correct shape) as two different games.

Anonymous said...

Wow, i guesss the money monsters just wants our mola to buy a "happy childhood" ... jeez.