Monday, February 09, 2015


Well, I MAY have just gone and marked my calendar for March 20, the date that Netflix debuts its new show, "Bloodline," starring Kyle "Coach Taylor" Chandler as a scion of a rich Florida family in a drama that reminds me of "Dallas" and a little bit of  "Brothers and Sisters" in all the best ways. (Also: Sam Shepard! Sissy Spacek!)

Maybe because I'm the youngest of 7 spread out over 3 generations (1 Silent, 5 Baby Boomers, and me, the lone Gen Xer), I'm fascinated with family and sibling dramas and issues. Other than soaps, not too many shows tackle them in a big, messy, complex way, and this does look promising. Also, Netflix, so binge-watching is definitely a possibility.

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