Sunday, August 07, 2005

True-crime tale

A fascinating true-crime tale that's been in limbo for years is heating up again. Janet Levine March disappeared 9 years ago from her enormous home and fairy-tale life in Nashville.

Her husband Perry claims they had a fight and she packed up and left, but everyone who knows her says she would never leave her children. He told her parents she said she'd be gone for two weeks, and it was agreed they wouldn't contact the police before then (hmm, two weeks is a long time to clean things up, should things need cleaning up.

Perry later took the kids and moved to Mexico, where he married again. His wife has been declared dead, but her body has never been found. A gun was later found in his safe-deposit box, and it was reported that he was once asked to leave a law firm where he worked for leaving sexually explicit letters for a young paralegal.

Recently, Perry March was charged with murder, and has been deported from Mexico back to the U.S. But with no body, and no idea how his wife was killed, I can only imagine that the case will be a tough one.

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