Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Marshmallow Peeps will kill ya!

The poor folks at Snopes.com have posted a number of the really stoopid questions they get. Oh, I feel ya.

Some of the question, with my own answers

"Is there any truth that if you choke on the candy Peeps, that it hardens in your throat and even with the heimlich maneuver you can't be saved and you die? Let us know."
  • Dude, that's not Peeps, that's rubber cement!
"Is some one can tell me how to read expire date on corona beer box/bottle. code I have on box is DC08C088. What this mean. reply me ASAP."
  • "What this mean" is that you drank too many already.

"I've been told that if you snort powdered glass as you would cocaine, you will die. Is this just a rumor, or would it actually happen?"

  • Oh no way, man. Your nasal passages will love powdered glass. Great cure for the common cold!

"is it true that if you take already been chewed gum and put it in an orange peel and put it in the refigrator for 4-6 weeks and then eat it will it be acid?"

  • The good kind of shroomy acid, or the bad kind of James Bond villain acid? Because there's a difference. Kudos to you though for calling it "already been chewed gum" (ABC!) as opposed to just "chewed gum."


Anonymous said...

You know, I remember something from that old show "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" in which Clark Kent (in his Clark Kent persona) stopped someone from bleeding by rubbing their bullet would with orange juice and chewed gum, and he explained the reason why this worked.

Peggy Archer said...


That's awesome! "Already been chewed gum"..