Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Silver Shamrock!

I-Mockery looks back at the weirdest "Halloween" movie ever, the one about the kids' masks that, uh, eat their faces and spit out poisonous snakes, or something.

I love how their title graphic looks to us today like it's old enough to have been used by NASA in 1969 or something. Major Hollywood franchise here, but there's no real sense in devoting more than, oh, five seconds to designing the title frame. It's only the whole name of the movie, here.

Oh, and whatever you do, don't look at this page, which features a Halloween E-card you can send that plays that annoying "Silver Shamrock" song, which will stick in your head from now until oblivion.

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Keith Hicks said...

The title block was typical 80's electro-video lettering all the way - to go along with the television - baseed practical joke on the world theme - Weird Movie, but as sidetracking off the main story goes, I liked it - a nice Carpenter diversion with that great music and feel.