Monday, October 24, 2005

You're so lost, when you cook with ghee

So I happened to catch the oldie, "Let Me Love You Tonight," by Pure Prairie League, on satellite radio today.

Yeah, you know the song. "Dark clouds are blowing in the wind ... he's crossing your mind again."

But it's a later verse that had be Googling lyrics sites, and trying to find out a certain word. Here's the verse:

"When you find out how good love can be,
You're so lost when it's such a free.
They say once in your life,
You find someone who's right,
Someone who loves you like me..."

OK, back right up there for a second. "You're so lost when it's such a free." Such a FREE? Such a free ... what? And what's the "it"? Love? Love can be free, but love can't be "a free." A free day? A free ticket? A free throw?

I guess that the lyrics sites could be wrong. Maybe the line is: "You're so lost when you plant a tree," or "you're so lost when you're full of glee," or "you're so lost when you cook with ghee."

Or maybe I should just realize that it's Pure Prairie League, fer goshsakes, and stop worrying about it.

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Anonymous said...

I just listened to the iTunes clip (which plays that very line), and it says "You're so lost when it sets you free."

But I do like your ghee version better.