Sunday, November 13, 2005


I watched the Seahawks victory today (Rob was there), and was silently laughing at the sheer number of Seattle cliches that FOX yanked out.

It was raining, which is indeed a Seattle cliche, but not one of FOX's making. But they not only cut to shots of the fish-tossers at Pike Place Market, played grunge music on cutaways (Courtney Love? Please...), and when the game was finally won, one of the announcers cried "Caramel frappuccinos for everybody!"

I suspect that's a class all sports announcers must take, Cliches Relating To the City You're In 101. And it's why on the Vikings games, no one can resist attempting a Fargo accent and mentioning Garrison Keillor. Heh.


Kathryn said...

And every time John Madden is calling a game from Lambeau Field, he says "you can smell the brats in the parking lot!" John Madden: Master of the Obvious.

Lately, we have been noticing that FOX always manages to get a shot of Minnehaha Falls when the games are in Minnesota. It seems like a new thing.

Maddie said...

have you done a post yet about grey's anatomy and seattle?

For the most part, they're good, but some things just make me laugh.

i.e. Dr. McDreamy loves ferry boats. Well Dr. Shepard, we just call them ferries out here. (I can understand that he might call them ferry boats, after all, he is a new Seattlite- but Meredith referred to them as ferry boats too, and she's supposed to be from Seattle right?)

Also- they showed the Pike Place Market sign out the big window of the hospital. Hello?!!! There is no building in downtown Seattle that would EVER have a view like that.

But they're leaps and bounds above Fraiser

Anonymous said...

Not to mention loons on a lake and the snowy city shot to complete the MN cliches. They only need to add a hotdish to make the cliche trifecta complete.

Amy in Minnetonka.

Alice said...

Try living in Texas some time. How many longhorns / horses / cowboys are jammed on this freeway, FOX??