Tuesday, November 22, 2005

How do you measure, measure a song?

As a favor to our movies editor, I wrote a story in which I chose my top five songs from the musical (turned movie) "Rent."

I really struggled with choosing just five, and just about every song made it on to and off of my list at various times. So don't hate me, "Rent"-heads! (Actually, so far, this story has the highest user rating of about any story I've ever written.)

You can also vote for your own favorite "Rent" song. Currently, "Seasons of Love" is kicking all their butts.


Kel said...

Well boo, I went to vote and had to add one for "Seasons of Love" because my "I Should Tell You" wasn't present.

Wendy said...

I walked down the aisle of the B'Way cast singing "Seasons of Love" and lit the unity candle to the reprise of "I'll Cover You". In fact, we're inviting our wedding party to join us at the last showing of RENT today and we're both dreading and looking forward to it.

With the music and vision of the stage show burned into our brains, it's going to be nearly impossible for the movie to live up to our hopes. But if it brings more people to the story and the stage show than more power to it.

Thought Criminal said...

I agree that the movie may not live up to my expectations. I love Rent. I'm definetely obsessed. From what I've heard of the movie soundtrack, I'm a little nervous. There are a lot of differences in the emotion of the songs. The actors dont' have the same feeling in their voices. (I'm wondering if the b'way soundtrack was recorded live vs. a studio. Does anyone know?). The same songs that always make me cry when I hear the b'way version don't have the same effect in the movie soundtrack.

Even so, I couldn't be more excited for this movie. I'm going tonight

Libragirl said...

I am a rent-head. I have a rent keychain and a rent chrstmas ornament hanging in my car. I quote it and sing it. I loved the movie. Ok the actors are a little long in the tooth to play 20 somethings, but they sing sooooooooo great and it was just great. I had to control myself to not sing in the theatre

Anonymous said...

Well thought-out article but I question the use of the adjective "infectious" in describing a song in this AIDS-ridden show.