Monday, November 14, 2005

Salmon soda

Apparently those of us here in Jones Soda's hometown of Seattle can get their new salmon soda, in addition to the whole Christmas pack discussed earlier. (I-Mockery reviews it and the other holiday sodas, too. It just occurs to me that these may be the only sodas developed to be purchased once, as a joke, for group testing, and not for repeat buying.)

Yeah, that's an Emerald City honor I'll be passing on, thanks very much.

Apparently Jones also has lip balm flavored like their wacked-out sodas, in case you want to smear the greasy goodness of turkey-n-gravy on your poor chapped lips. They also have carbonated candy and popsicles. Mmm mmm good.


Trash said...

Around Halloween, M. Giant picked up some NASTY candy corn Jones soda, but niether of us could finish even one can. Thus, for Christmas, he just picked up the entire dinner package for my dad. I guess he thinks others should share in our pain.

Rachel said...

Carbonated candy sounds interesting, almost like poprocks, with weird flavors. The one thing I can't get on board with is the diet Jones soda. Even in more normal flavors (like green apple and black cherry, which is actually bright red) it tastes like battery acid.

Jones puts out some weird stuff