Sunday, November 20, 2005

Toys of a spoilt kid

One kid's list of his top 10 childhood toys ever. He is so definitely a boy, this kid. I had none of these toys, most of which run to the boyish-action-figure, lots-of-little-parts side of things.

But I have to say, the Castle Grayskull playset may have been the boys' equivalent of Barbie's Dream House, kind of the Nirvana of Christmas presents. Speaking of the Barbie Dream House (the tall one, complete with elevator! that Barbie couldn't fit in...) my cousin had one, but I, of course, did not.


Kathryn said...

I had one, and it was rad. My brother used to pile all the Barbies into the elevator and yank the cord as hard has could, causing the elevator to go off of the track and all the Barbies to go flying everywhere and we would die laughing. Good times.

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten about the elevator!
My best friend had one and I remember being so jealous because all I had was the pink Corvette :)

Anonymous said...

That elevator was so much fun. I guess I lucked out in the Barbie game, I had the Dream house, the Townhouse, the pool, the corvette and her horse.

Kristi said...

I didn't have the one with the elevator. I had this one.

I loved my dream house!

Essy said...

My sister had the house with the elevator. If you pulled the plastic tab off the top, you could make it shoot clear off the top of the house just like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and play BARBIES IN SPAAAACE!

(Except it was actually more like one Barbie with an arm missing, a half naked Sindy doll, the Jem doll with articulated ankles and the Slater action figure from Saved By the Bell IN SPAAAACE!)

amyla said...

I had the house and the winnebago/winnebarbie. Now *that* was 70s.