Monday, November 21, 2005

True crime

I happened to catch "48 Hours Mystery" this weekend, about the murder of two young women on a Halloween night in Napa Valley.

The show went on to talk about how the murder of one of her dear friends led another woman and her boyfriend to decide life was too short to wait, so they got married. And the murdered woman's mother read one of the readings at the wedding, and the couple danced to her late daughter's favorite song.

And if you know that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, you maybe can see what's coming: The friend's groom has been arrested for the two murders. This case will almost certainly be a book. (Another friend of one of the murdered women, Kelly, ran "The Amazing Race," so the case is bound to keep getting publicity.)

Also in the true-crime world: They may be closer to finding Molly Bish's killer. "She came home to us bone by bone," said Molly's mother in an absolutely chilling statement.


Nomie said...

Good Christ alive.

I remember the Molly Bish case vividly; Warren isn't that far from my hometown, and it was all over the news, and my parents definitely worried for my safety.

And even scarier is that Saratoga is my college town, and I remember the campus police sending out a letter to students after the attempted kidnapping to remind us of ways to ensure our own safety.

It's a dangerous world in which to be a young woman. Even though I'd feel completely comfortable walking around on my own in either place, it's a false sense of security.

Anonymous said...

I went and read about the 48 Hours mystery and listened to the 911 recording from the girls' other roommate. It was ridiculous the way the first dispatcher was talking to the girl. She sounded so incredulous towards her even though the caller was obviously upset. It really angered me. "You AREN'T at the house?!" Shut up, lady, and help this woman calling you!
I'm very curious as to the motive of that young man. It's so bizarre.

Anonymous said...

As much as I don't want Colorado to become the "child abduction-or-murder" capitol. There's another case here you might find interesting. The little girl's name is Aarone Thompson, and her father reports her missing. The police start searching, and after a couple of days declare it a murder rather than a missing persons case because no one except her father is willing to say they've seen her alive in almost a year and half. Two of her grandparents held a news conference yesterday, they're trying to get it declared a missing persons case again, even though they haven't seen her that whole time either. There are no recent photos of her or anything. It's just bizarre.

brigita said...

I recenly moved to Warren and was not at all familiar with the Molly Bish case. Found out a few weeks ago that one of the suspects in the case lived (maybe even lives? can't remember) in a house only a few hundred yards down the road from ours.

Now THAT was a conversation I would have liked to have had BEFORE buying our first home...