Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A bunch of blockheads

Scenes from James Bond movies and the board game Clue, re-enacted in Legos. I love 'em. Especially the famed scene from "Goldfinger," my favorite Bond.

(Via UltimateInsult.)

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grandefille said...

Gael! I hit that "Goldfinger" link thinking it was going to be the famed "Jill Masterson" shot, but no. Anyway, I *met* that actress last year! Why she was on our campus I don't know (she was with her Yank pal), but Shirley Eaton is just as lovely now as she was then. Prettier, probably. She's only three years younger than my mom (who also looks fantastic, especially for an almost-72-year-old), but apparently getting out of the business early and living in France is quite good for one's looks. (I think we should try it.) Ms. Eaton is such a gracious soul, too. I had no idea who she was when they came in (I'm not a big Bond fan) and she was quite amused at her friend's attempts to impress me with her credentials. A lovely, lovely soul she is.

Thanks for all your great updates. The happiest of new years to you and yours!