Thursday, December 01, 2005

Some 'Reunion'

FOX has put the kibosh on my favorite guilty pleasure show, "Reunion." Aw, was so bad, it was great.

This was the show that starred "American Dreams" alum Will Estes along with Poor Man's Tom Cruise, Poor Man's Rebecca Gayheart, Poor Man's Claire Danes (thanks to a reader for that one!), Poor Man's Matthew Broderick, and Poor Man's...I don't know who the nondescript Jenna girl would be.

It's unclear now if they're going to rewrite the few remaining episodes and try and cram the solving of the murder into a week or two, or just dump it in the middle, or what. Damn you, FOX. And yet, the craptacular "War at Home" lives on.


Anonymous said...

wahhhhhh!!! It was so passions in primetime. I will miss it.

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely miss the show too. I'm glad they showed the episode last night, and hope that there will be some sort of conclusion. I agree with you Gael, it was so bad it was good. How can you not love and mock a show about the 80's?!


Anonymous said...

Check out - they just announced in Entertainment News that the producers have concluded they cannot sum up the storyline in a few weeks' time.

Boooo! I need closure.

Anonymous said...

Cool! A shoutout from Gael! At least I think so, since I did call Carla "NotClaireDanes" after the last post about "Reunion." I totally thought she looked like CD, and then imagine my shock when her dad was played by the guy who was Graham Chase in MSCL! Freaky.

j. said...

i had a feeling this wouldn't be around long...i mean, we're already up to the early nineties. once there is nothing to flashback to and we're permanently stuck in the present-day, what's gonna happen? i actually like(d) the show, but there's only so much you can do when each episode is an entire year.

Libragirl said...

But but but. I need to know...who killed the girl with the pretty hair and the drug problem.

Danm that Fox. First Arrested Development a great show that was great and now Reunion a bad show that was great.

Mack Collier said...

I left a post on BMA about Reunion yesterday:

Wouldn't it have been great for Fox to integrate blogs into the series? One for the Detective, and one from Samantha, presented as entries from her diary through the years, both designed to add to the series and give us more clues to who killed Samantha.

Ah well, as usual us bloggers get it, and the suits are idiots.

Fraulein N said...

Damn, it got axed? And they're not even going to wrap things up? Those bastards!