Thursday, January 12, 2006

No kidding

Matt at X-Entertainment reviews five totally awesome kids' books. Oh, this is good.

My favorite is "The Berenstain Bears Eat Too Much Junk Food," though the book with the Jolly Green Giant's surrogate son Sprout is hard to pass up, too. I love how he is introduced to all these supposedly hip teen vegetables who offer him parts of themselves, like, isn't that vegetable self-cannibalism? Also, euw.

Says Matt: "In what had to be a free-with-two-proofs-of-purchase promotional thing, we're reading what's essentially a vegetable commercial. It's Field Day in the Valley, and Sprout can't wait to meet up with all the hip vegetable teenagers for the big baton race. No seriously, that's what's going on. Much of the storybook details Sprout's long journey in finding the hip vegetable teenagers, and since he's saying so many words along the way, it was imperative to come up with some sort of sidekick so Sprout wouldn't appear to be talking to himself for five hours, and thus, insane. Look at the front cover up there -- see that little bee by Sprout's head? That's his sidekick. This random bee follows Sprout through grass and trees and cornfields, and the amazing thing is that this is the least surreal aspect of the entire story."

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