Sunday, January 01, 2006

Scent of a woman

I noticed that both Sephora and department stores were offering a new kind of fragrance gift this holiday season. They sell you a batch of perfume samples, and along with that comes a certificate that you redeem for a full bottle of your favorite perfume of the samples once you've worn them all and figured out which one you like best.

In a way, it's an inspired way for a boyfriend or someone else to get a gift when he hasn't really bothered to delve into what scents his girlfriend likes. But since you can get most perfume samples for free just for asking at Sephora, or do what I do and buy the ones you really want to try for $1 on eBay, I wouldn't buy this batch. Because what if you don't like ANY of the samples? You're stuck with a huge bottle of a scent you find iffy? Or, I guess, you regift it on to someone else.

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