Sunday, January 01, 2006

That was the year that was

Fark revisits their best link headlines of the year. Hilarious.

My favorites:

"Pilot injured after plane crashes into Wal-Mart, signaling that the war against Wal-Mart is entering its kamikaze phase."

"Buffalo shot after falling onto highway. Rochester and Syracuse nervously work on their balance."

"Ashlee Simpson collapses and is rushed to Tokyo hospital. Concertgoers stay and listen to the rest of the tape."

"Chicago beats Houston four times in a week. Record still held by Bobby Brown."

"Karma...Karma...Karma...Karma...Karma Chameleon....they found my blow...they found my blow."

"Shuttle explosion postponed until Tuesday."

"Book discovers how the French stay so thin. Involves different lifestyles and food choices, and an exercise regimen of raising both hands above head frequently."

"Something something missing white blond girl tragic killings flashing news graphics."

"You're doing a great job, Brownie, cleaning out your desk."


Jen said...

Those are hilarious! The one about Ashlee Simpson nearly made me pee :-)

BTW-My word verification is "Sinbh" which looks like it ought to be the next big star out of Ireland...

Dimestore Lipstick said...

"Robert Smith's wife knew what to do when his cancer sent him into a coronary attack thanks to his living will. No, not that Robert Smith, don't worry: There's still no cancer for The Cure"

Since Still No Cure For Cancer is one of my all time favorite FARK cliches, this one had me rolling.
And it came in second overall.