Monday, February 06, 2006

Creepy crime

The Rachel and Lily Entwistle murder was on the cover of People Magazine last week. It's downright chilling. A lovely young mother and her baby daughter were found dead in their rented Boston home, the husband and father, Neil, having flown to his homeland of England.

I'm a little confused as to why the many stories on this crime haven't focused on the money issue. According to People, the couple were both unemployed, except for some really weird eBay deals (possibly scams) that Neil was running. Yet (again, according to People) they had a BMW SUV and paid $2500 a month for a giant rental house. That's a nicer car and home than most people who have two actual incomes coming in.

The money, it seems to me, was at the heart of the Laci Peterson case, too. She wasn't working, and had been only a substitute teacher. She planned to stay home with Conner. Scott wasn't making a huge salary in his completely ironic job as a fertilizer salesman. I'm not saying for a minute that it isn't possible to have a one-income house and for one parent to stay home with the children, but the Petersons also had a boat (that Laci didn't know about), a country-club membership, had just put in a pool, etc.

I see it in my own generation: Women who quit their jobs after parenthood assuming their husband will make enough money to support them as stay-at-home moms. Many people nowadays are raised to believe in that as the ideal. And yet, some try to live that life without correspondingly downsizing their style of living. Sometimes it just creates tension in the marriage, or a lot of accumulated credit-card debt. But combine that with a creepy Scott Peterson type (and note that Neil Entwistle hasn't been charged with anything, etc.) who will never downsize his expectations for what he deserves, and sometimes it could be a recipe for murder.


PJinNH said...

Something is really fishy about this case. This week in the Boston news, it came to light that the BMW was the couples only car, and he left that at the airport. I suppose he'll argue that she was going to pick it up at the airport later...but that's just another thing about this case that doesn't sound right.

RedSoxGirl said...

I live about an hour from Hopkinton, MA - the place of these terrible crimes.

There are many questions around here.
- Why was there little to no blood in the bed if that's where Rachel and Lily were shot?
- What kind of sleezy business was this man in and why did she agree to be a part of that life?
- Why is he not coming home? Does he fear for his life?

There is a lot of speculation that they were involved in some shady stuff (as you mentioned) other than eBay. Porn has been mentioned also. Did they cross someone and that someone got their revenge by killing mom and daughter? I think the general thought around here is that he didn't do it (although we thought he did at first), but he was there and saw it all which is why he ran.
They were killed sometime Friday or Saturday and he left Friday night. We're pretty sure he was there to see the killings.

No matter what Rachel and Neil were involved in, there was no need for baby Lily to suffer from their actions. There is nothing worse than a child being killed in cold blood.

PJinNH said...

Breaking News: Neil Entwistle, whose wife and daughter were found shot to death in Massachusetts, arrested in England and charged with two counts of murder, officials in Boston say.

Anonymous said...

Dude's been arrested.

Dimestore Lipstick said...

Well, now he's been charged. Scotland Yard got him this morning.

It sounds like they must have a clear path to Entwhistle on the murder weapon.

Anonymous said...

How do these people acquire so much debt? I consider myself to have descent credit yet I was refused a store credit card because I was late on a payment in 1987. Go figure