Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Everybody luvs Liz

I wholeheartedly agree with the poster at FOOBiverse who noted that the Liz-Mr. Right relationship at "For Better or For Worse" doesn't ring true because we haven't been allowed to get to know Paul at all. We've seen nothing of him that doesn't involve him mooning over Liz.

And that doesn't look to change any time soon.

Although one thing that does seem to be changing is Paul's looks. Is it just me, or is he becoming softer-faced, more feminine, and looking a lot more like ... Liz's brother, Mike? Aaugh! Aaaugh! Paging V.C. Andrews!

Hey, at least we know what wedding cake topper they can use.


Anonymous said...

I thought you might like to see this weird cross-promotion between the Canadian Securities Commission and FBFOW. http://www.thisisyourlife.ca

I saw the link to it on www.weddingbells.ca

Beth said...

I sort of think that the super fast courtship might be setting up a contrived tragedy ... Paul getting killed in the line of duty or something.

Jennie Smash said...

Does anyone else think this dude sounds like a stalker? "I think of you 24 hours a day?" YIKES!

Anonymous said...

That would be kind of awesome. What a stinking CORNBALL this guy is. gaaaaaaah!

Anonymous said...

It's the ones who dote on you that are the worst -- in my experience, it's because they think they'll never be able to get anyone else and must do all they can to keep you, which of course means that the instant some other woman makes eye contact with him he's off like lightning.

Lefty said...

I can't decide what's more pathetic -- that there are sites & threads devoted to Liz Patterson's love life...or that I'm now reading them attentively.