Thursday, March 16, 2006

Go, team!

How could I not root for the underdog Iona Gaels in March Madness*? I mean, they have my name! Naturally, they lost.

I considered getting this shirt, but that scary 'roid-using leprechaun is a bit frightening. I like this one, from California's St. Mary's, also the Gaels, better.

There's also a Canadian college where the teams are the Golden Gaels, but I couldn't find their shirt store. I am everywhere!

*Also: Stupid Marquette! That is all.


Diggatron said...

Speaking of Canadian colleges, I just moved to the USA from Canada. It's crazy how popular college sports is here. It's very cool!

marylynn said...

I did my undergrad at Queen's, home of the Golden Gaels. You can buy Gaels merch from the bookstore. The site is wicked slow though (we're snotty but not too technologically savvy methinks).

Anonymous said...

In Canada they're called "universities".

Kathryn said...

What did Marquette do? Did they change their name again?

seth said...

omg, wait, am i dreaming or is this really a conversation about queens having a team called the golden gaels? because that is too funny for words.