Monday, March 06, 2006

Oh, Barbie, you tart

Scented Barbie? Scented COLLECTOR Barbie? Scented collector Barbie with a Mary Tyler Moore flip and a shredded-lettuce style gown which has so much extra junk hanging off it that it could have been designed by Santino of "Project Runway"?

What didn't work for Strawberry Shortcake in the 1980s isn't really going to be a much better idea for Barbie in 2006. Scented dolls pretty much reek. I'm getting the feeling some poor desperate Mattel employee had to meet a new-idea quota and just wrote "scented dolls!" down kind of randomly, and that they were as shocked as anyone else when the company said "great idea, let's make it!"


PJ in NH said...

Yep, sure does look like something Santino would design. Scented dolls? weird..not meant for homes of asthmatics or peopld with certain allergies. These should come with a warning label.

Finding My New Normal said...

Definitely weird. And how different can white chocolate and chocolate smell? what's the deal with "Obsession" in their titles?

Talia said...

"Tart" was not the best choice for an opening word there.