Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Surreal World

So "Real World Key West" features a bulimic girl, Paula. And yet tonight MTV cut to a commercial where the guy is YELLING about "The fastest selling diet pill in America!"

For a minute I thought it was a joke, or part of the show, that they were trying to say "see the pressure that pushes women to bulimia!" But no, it was no joke, it was a real commercial that they chose to run on this show. Then they went back to the show, and the other roommates were discussing how Paula buys diet pills online, and actually featured the line "Why is this 94-pound girl taking diet pills?"

Um, I don't know, why are you taking advertisements for them on your damn show?


Greg said...

Because good taste on TV is dead. Oh and ethics, morals, common sense and compassion. Or, the left hand (programming) doesn't know what the right hand (advertising) is doing. This is exactly one of the reasons that I don't watch television anymore. I wish that I still didn't enjoy it so much when I do watch it though.

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty pissed at the real world casting for accepting her anyway when she said in her casting tape that she 'recently became bulimic'. that is so obviously why they chose her so there could be some eating disorder drama, and with the amount of alcohol that they feed them on the show bad things were bound to happen. on last night's episode she seemed to agree that she should get professional help. i hope at least that mtv would help her find it and finance it. geez.

i hate to say it, but of course i'll keep watching. i'm such a hypocrite.