Monday, March 13, 2006

Take a letter, Maria

Kate Spade has a line of stationery at Crane.

Some of them are really lovely, but I'm not paying $372 for 50 cards and envelopes, you know?


Jessica said...

I saw Kate Spade stationery at a "fine paperie" stationery/card/wedding invitation shop in a swanky shopping district near me... now, I'm a stationery-phile of the highest order, but $372? It wasn't even as neat-looking as the tree-free stuff around the corner at the little indie bookstore... feh.

Julia said...

I love the calling cards.... 50 for $239.00. I mean, really? That's $4.78 each. For fancy-shmancy business cards.

And then I picture Paris Hilton giving one to someone who she is trying to impress, and the person laughing at her as soon as she's out of hearing, or maybe just barely within hearing, and then throwing her card on the ground, and it makes me feel better.

Michelle said...

Knockoff Kate Spade handbags are a staple of the street vendors on Canal Street; makes me wonder if they'll soon hawk knockoff overpriced stationery as well.