Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Under the sea

I've always loved Aquaman. Sure, he was the uncool SuperFriend, with the lame talking-to-fish powers, but that only made him cooler. He was like Napoleon Dynamite in his dorkiness, a kind of Batman's kid brother who would never get out of the pool. Sometimes it felt like the writers got tired of an underwater superhero, flipping a coin or something to see who had to write him this week ("And the threat comes from underwater, yet again"). But I always thought he was semi-awesome.

Here's a long and well-done look at Aquaman throughout history, including numerous changes that involve him losing a hand, gaining a harpoon hand ( a baboon heart, kinda). He went from clean-cut to shaggy and downright scary.

Great quote: "I was once asked what I would do if I wrote Aquaman. The answer was simple. He would be King, I said, and never not King. I would make him love his wife with all the passion of the seven seas. I would make him shave with a sharp clamshell and cut his hair with a scuba knife, and I would send him on adventures seasoned with the imagination and mystery of the ocean, but most importantly I would make him command the @#$% fish."

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