Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Radio, radio

I've often heard, of course, about Tokyo Rose and the lesser-known Axis Sally, who broadcast Axis propaganda from Japan and Germany during WW II, but I never knew what they looked like. (Neither, I suppose, did the GIs who heard them.)

Anyway, here's Tokyo Rose, and here's Axis Sally.

Tokyo Rose was U.S. born, and was convicted of treason and served time at the same West Virginia prison Martha Stewart went to. She was eventually pardoned by Gerald Ford (Tokyo Rose, that is, not Martha). Axis Sally was also U.S. born and was convicted of treason, though it doesn't look like she got a pardon.

Neither of them suffered the fate of male propagandist Lord Haw-Haw, who in addition to having a really stupid nickname, was hung for his crimes.

The other wars weren't left out, either. In Korea, there was Seoul City Sue, and in Vietnam, Hanoi Hannah. Of course, the most famed recent propagandist was the ludicrous Baghdad Bob. "There are no American troops in Baghdad! They are committing suicide by the hundreds at the city gates!" Um, Bob, back slowly away from the crack.

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