Sunday, May 07, 2006

Drawn and quartered

Well, our Washington state quarter design has been chosen. The governor went for the leaping salmon with Mount Rainier in the background.

It beat out the "Hey! Let's cram as many state symbols as we can onto a coin!" quarter, and the Native American orca, which has been styled as the "whale plane" by many online folks.

I think it was probably the best choice, though it certainly won't stand out in a handful of change like the whale plane would have.

Now I can't wait to see if Montana agrees to go with the giant floating cow skull coin or not. Come on, giant floating cow skull!

I also really want Idaho to pick the one with the words "And here we have Idaho/Winning her way to fame," because first off, song lyrics on a quarter are hilarious, and secondly, Idaho? Fame? Famous potatoes, maybe, but none of the possible Idaho quarters display potatoes. They just weren't willing to go all the way for their state food, unlike Wisconsin. Make your own "That's right, you da ho" joke here.

I also badly want Utah to pick the quarter with the dude-a-riffic snowboarder on it, but you just know they're going for that damn beehive.

Also, Wyoming? I sense a trend.


Lauren T. said...

Okay, the beehive one is stupid (says a Mormon girl), but the other two are great. Too bad they won't choose the snowboarder girl.

Kaijsa said...

As a Seattlite recently transplanted to Wyoming, I must report that the cowboy logo is everywhere here. It's not at all ironic, which makes it funnier.

jam said...

I almost laughed out loud at the Wyoming sequence.

Cowboy, cowboy, cowboy, cowboy...geyser?

It's like Western Duck Duck Goose!

Thought Criminal said...

Yeah, I think Washington picked the best one of the choices. Fortunately, my favorite (Crater Lake)won in Oregon, where I live.

Woo, a giant skull! Sweet!

It would be awesome if Utah picked the snowboarder, but I'm guessing it'll be the boring old beehive.

Kim said...

I really love the kid designs posted at the bottom of some of these pages. Scroll down in the Montana page to see my favorite, Crabby Cat Head in Mountain Range!