Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fire Sheep and Wood Dragons

If you're familiar with Chinese astrology, even if only from placemats at Chinese restaurants, you may know what animal marks the year you were born in according to their calendar. For me, born in 1967, it's the Year of the Sheep (or Goat, but I prefer the placemats that say Sheep). Rob was born in the much-cooler Year of the Dragon.

But apparently, in addition to an animal, your birth year is also assigned an element -- fire, water, earth, metal or air. Here's where I get the cool element: My birth year makes me a Fire Sheep, whereas Rob's makes him a Wood Dragon. There are fun qualities assigned to each element/animal combo, of course. Heh, note that "Sheep make excellent editors."


Kim said...

I seem to be an Earth Rooster. I'm kind of intrigued by what the site claims are appropriate gifts to give me, though:

terrarium, walking cane, FLASK (emphasis mine!), bonsai tree.

I suppose as long as I've got my cane and my flask, I can look forward to good times in the retirement castle...

Annie said...

Whee! I'm a fire dragon!

Anonymous said...

I am a water rat.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Libran Wood Rat, and my baby brother is a Libran Wood Monkey. Which basically explains everything about how I'm 21 and he's 1 1/2, we don't share a mom or a home, and we're still telepathic and thick-as-thieves when we get together.

Just a note, though: you have to be born after the Chinese New Year (sometime in February, usually) in your birth year for your symbol to be right for you--for example, if my brother were born in January of 2004, he would be a goat (2003).


Anonymous said...

Year: Metal Pig
Month: Fire Money
Day: Water Tiger
Hour: Wood Dragon

No wonder I'm confused and lack focus...
can't decide if I want to burn it, shred it, play with it or wallow in it. lol