Friday, May 12, 2006

Smell like this

So cool: has a fragrance finder, where you can choose a scent you like and it will recommend other scents that are similar.

It's not 100% accurate though. I love Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, and I don't think it smells anything like the grapefruity-but-too-sweet Escada Rockin' Rio (which I almost did buy) and Fleurs des Caraibes. It gave me some better recommendations for Fendi, though -- I really do like the Prada scent.

Also, it isn't comprehensive. I tried to look up Kenneth Cole Black, which Rob loves, and didn't see it even listed. Which is weird, since I know Sephora sells it.


VanillaBean said...

My secret dream is to someday make a fortune off of my out-of-control allergies by getting Sephora to pay me to test perfumes for them. Trust me, if it doesn't give me a headache, stuffy nose, or hives, you will be fine!

katiedid said...

Eeee! I am such a perfume geek, and so happy you wrote a perfume post. Heh. Yeah, the fragrance finder is rather hinky. Sigh. It used to work just a wee bit better when Edwards ran his fragrance finder through the Fragrance Foundation - he was not limited soley to those scents found only at Sephora then.

Not that you asked, but since I'm here... if Rob loves KC Black, he might like (according to me, so take with a big grain of salt?) Penhaligon's Castile, if it's the clean aspect of it he likes. If it's the citrus-y clean aspect he digs, Acqua di Gio, Clean's Clean Men, Compagnia Delle Indie's Colonia, or Helmut Lang in either cologne or parfum (both are suitable for either gender, but the cologne is more citrus-y, while the parfum is more musky.)

jenni said...

Don't use the name dropdown, use the first letter one instead--the lists are, inexplicably, different. Kenneth Cole Black is listed under "B" for some reason.