Thursday, June 29, 2006

Clean sweep

Even the Western-style toilets in Japan are not exactly like ours, as they often come with special added attractions. A deodorizer. A noise button to mask any sounds you don't want to share. And, of course, a bidet and a...something that's not quite a bidet.

As you can see from this photo, on one of our hotel toilets, the bidet was marked with the image of a woman and the...other cleansing spray was marked with a giant butt. Japan sees no need for not cutting right to the chase! Do you want the butt spray, or dontcha?

Note: Butt spray will not actually shoot you off the toilet like a giant geyser as depicted, unless you are a cartoon. And maybe not even then. Also, if you do not hit the STOP button, neither the bidet nor the butt spray will stop, apparently they will just go on cleansing you until they have washed you right down the drain.

You just don't get this kind of info from Lonely Planet, now, do ya?


courtney said...

I took a liking to the warmed bidet/butt geyser when I stayed in Tokyo. I don't remember a stop button, though! I got a good laugh outta the noise mask button, it has such a distinct sound, you KNOW when someone's using it, so what's the point?

kelhapam said...

I always thought I'd like a bidet. During a trip to my OBGYN a couple of years ago (that office always seemed to be doing renovations/additions, I told the head doctor that for the next renovation I wanted him to put in a bidet room (with my name over the door). ;) (I still think it'd a good idea to have at a OBGYN office.)

Anonymous said...

Man, I love the idea of the noise-maker. Even if you know what the sound means, it's better than hearing the alternative sounds. Why don't they have those in Wal-Mart? I never would have guessed that Tokyo had such luxurious facilities.