Thursday, June 08, 2006

Drink up

I love, especially when they run a really wild sounding story that turns out to be true.

The latest: A guy who drank 8 beers a day and saved all the cans and cartons in his Utah townhouse (in Utah! of all places!).

The photos are amazing, as is the fact that when the cans were all turned in at a recycling place, they only earned $800.


govtdrone said...

I lurve snopes only because at lest 3x a week some idiot(s) sent out those stupid emails, you know the ones, and it seems I am the only one who tries to debunk it and snopes snipes them all!

Boschka said...

LOL..What ? You've never heard of the Beer Can House here in Houston ?

Sad but true ..there really is a house made of beer cans.