Saturday, June 10, 2006

Japan's fast-food burgers

I loved this 2001 post by someone in Japan detailing the various fast-food burger chains there.

Sounds like Mos Burger is a biggie, and whoa, check out the photos of the different burgers offered. The buns look like rocks cut in half, though.

And so help me, whatever this dessert is, it appears to be layered Jello topped with bacon, kidney beans, seaweed and giant green olives. (I think it might be green-tea ice cream, but really, who knows?)


Talia said...

Those probably are beans on top of the parfait: in Japan a certain type of sweetened red bean if very popular to put on desserts as a topping. They're actually pretty good; I like them on Vanilla ice cream.

jamjar said...

It looks to be green-tea ice-cream, an (sweet red beans, very common) and maybe some mochi on the top.

The other thing about Japanese burgers is... true story. one time, I went to mosburger. They had a new one on the menue, an avacado burger, I ordered it, and when it was delivered to my plate, it was all rather flash, "here was a special placemat! It came with wasabi on the side! There was a note of explanation which icould not read!

I ate and it tasted... strange. Sort of... more. Good, but... what could that flavour be.

Eventually, it struck me. I sat up, looked at my friends, and said, "I think it's beef! I think this beefburger is actually 100% beef! That's why it tastes more beefy then they usually do!"

It's pretty universal, in Japan, for beefburgers, and any minced "beef" you get at the supermarket, to be a mixture of beef and pork.

100 word minimum said...

It's a Brown Rice Flake Shake:

A vanilla shake blended with green tea sauce and topped with brown rice flakes. On top of that: sweet azuki beans from Tokachi in Hokkaido, green tea flavored shiratama (glutinous rice dumplings) and a sprinkling of powdered green tea.

It probably tastes very good if you like traditional Japanese sweets. (I do.)

tuckova said...

I used to enjoy making the joke that MOSburger came from MOScow. But it really is uniquely Japanese and nobody seemed to find it as funny as I did.