Monday, July 03, 2006

Gnome sweet gnome

Despite the preponderance of "LOL" on the Web, very few sites actually make me Laugh Out Loud. But Mimi Smartypants does it regularly, about once an entry.

Twice in this one:

"Also, there was a sign in the waiting room that said ADDITIONAL PRIVACY AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. Since it was a tiny office, I wasn't sure where the "additional privacy" was going to come from. I hope it was really just a big sheet they would bring out and toss over your head while you sat there reading a magazine."

"By the way, I'm really sick of hearing about how great Scandinavian countries are (something that seems to creep into every single feminist work/home/childcare/maternity leave debate). ENOUGH ALREADY. YOU ALSO HAVE CRAP FOOD AND WEIRD BELIEFS ABOUT GNOMES."

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