Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'd like to buy the world a scam

I'm perhaps too entertained by this story about some hapless Coca-Cola employees trying to sell trade secrets, and info about a new product* to Pepsi.

I just love every bit of this story. That they just flung a letter in the mail to Pepsi (was it even addressed to anyone in particular?) promising secret info. That they only asked for $10,000 at first. That the money was put in a Girl Scout cookie box. That Pepsi got the letter and immediately called Coke. That Coke had to publicly thank Pepsi and Pepsi modestly said "Aw, anyone would do it. Let's keep fighting the sugar-water wars fair and square!"

Will someone please make this into a movie, because it's just awesome? I picture the culprits as resembling Nic Cage and Holly Hunter in their failed capers in "Raising Arizona." Or if not them, then I picture this guy as the mastermind.

Also, according to Metafilter, if Pepsi really wanted the Coke secret formula, they could just surf the Web.

*please let it be caffeine-free Diet Coke with Lime, finally

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Anonymous said...

And Caffeine-free Diet Cherry Coke, too!